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Progel Desert Journey


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SuperNail ProGel 100% Gel Polish

  • Salon quality products that can be used at home & allow you to create super strong, shiny nails that last for weeks.
  • ProGel 100% Gel Polish outperforms regular nail lacquer with long-lasting wear and durable colour.
  • Natural nails enjoy ultra protection while showing off a mirror-like finish.
  • A quick and easy system that is hard to beat.

What We Do

  • Perform a dry manicure. Then remove shine from the natural nail with a 240 grit buffing block.
  • For maximum adhesion, apply one coat of SuperNail SuperBond to nail and let dry before applying ProGel Base Coat.
  • Apply a thin coat of ProGel Base Coat. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds. Or cure in UV lamp for 1 minute.
  • Apply a thin first coat of ProGel Polish Color. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds. Or cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Repeat the process for a second coat.
  • Apply a thin coat of ProGel Top Coat. Cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds. Or cure in UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • Remove gel residue with alcohol and a nail wipe.


  • Using a nail file, remove shine from the nail to break the seal of the gel.
  • Saturate a nail wipe with acetone.
  • Place saturated nail wipe on top of gel nail and wrap with foil. Allow to penetrate for 10 minutes.
  • Use an orange-wood stick or cuticle pusher to gently loosen and remove gel.

Expert Tips

  • For problematic nails, use SuperNail SuperBond to help ensure maximum adhesion.
  • ProGel cures in (30, 30, 30) seconds in a LED Lamp and (1, 2, 2) minutes in a UV Lamp.
  • After application, use cuticle oil to keep your manicure or pedicure looking fresh.
  • To ensure proper curing, cure thumbs separately.
  • Cleanse with regular alcohol. Remove with acetone.

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Progel Desert Journey

Progel Desert Journey